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Activists and deputies decided in Tyumen the problem of stray dogs

All the news 23.10.2013 at 08:15

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On the Eve representatives of Tyumen city Duma, public and municipal institutions «LesParkHoz» met in the city shelter for homeless animals on ul.Kedrovaya, 133.

the meeting was organized by the Deputy of the United Russia faction Roman Chuyko, which was a kind of a «bridge Builder» between social activists and the authorities.

Claims to the content of animals in paragraph city services that are expressed by social activists for the second year. During this time, was made three views of the Prosecutor's office to eliminate violations of the law to the municipal organisation, as a result, even changed the leadership of the temporary detention. Citizens resented the lack of prompt and timely vaccination and sterilization of animals in paragraph refusal to transfer animals to citizens and the public shelter, protection and not to the transparency of the results. Also there were a number of claims on the condition of the animals and care for them in the paragraph.

social Activists expressed confidence that the situation is possible to steadily improve only involvement in the process of regulating the number of domestic animals concerned citizens and deputies. How exactly do offered representatives of TOOO «animal protection Society», passing in their proposals to the municipal organisation.

Simultaneously activists noted that with the change of leadership item allows for a normal dialogue and animal welfare change for the better. According to the results of the meeting has been reached the first agreement about establishment of the openness of the activities of the release of animals and carrying out of joint actions on visual tagging and preparation of the electronic catalogue of animals to be released. The Director of the ISU «LesParkHoz» Nefedov Sergey Vladimirovich promised to eventually consider all the proposals of the citizens and for the opportunity to begin joint work.

At the next meeting in early November, it is planned to discuss interaction municipal orphanage and public organizations, and citizens in the operative transfer to the charity shelter and the keeping of animals that will not be subject to release. Additionally will decide on the future maintenance of the public cats after the end of the funded period of staying at the municipal institution (six months).

Chairman TOOO «animal protection Society» Anna Moskvina positively spoke about the results of the meeting: «We see that the ice is complete misunderstanding moved Express our gratitude to the organizer of the meeting, we hope that this is only the first step. Our principled position of humanity and humanity in respect of abandoned Pets will always remain the same, but we don't want to be third-party critics, we are always prepared to use available resources and enthusiasm to address issues and specific joint actions».

by the organizer - Roman Chuyko explained the long-term objectives of the organized events: "We understand that only with the active participation of NGOs, establishment of a modern long-term programme for reducing the number of stray animals, as well as the constructive cooperation of civil society and the administration of the city to solve the dogs can become more effective and bring real results!"