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In Chelyabinsk held a antimehovoy March

All the news 22.10.2013 at 09:58

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Through The streets of Chelyabinsk carried a coffin with a fur collar and a man in a cage. Participants Antimehovogo March encourage citizens to refuse from natural fur and thereby save the lives of animals.

Raccoon named El has practically become a leader of this procession. On the streets he come out to show the townspeople how cute their coats. His master refused collar and found in animal friend. "From them, as from burrows, more just make fur coats, - notes Sergey, the owner of a raccoon. - Look at him, would it be possible to him coats do?" "Fur is murder" or "Animals are not clothes" - with such slogans about hundreds of fighters with the coats took to the streets of the city. They believe that the mink is not trendy, and jacket - the best clothes even for a severe winter. Mainly including animal welfare activists were young people. Ksenia came here with two ferrets. Says that the manufacture of animal skins - is not like human beings. But confessed that the meat still eats. "These have grown up to six months. And all. This is how we have grown to 20 years. Quickly gave birth and killed," says Ksenia, participant antimehovogo March in Chelyabinsk. Antimehovoy March went in 46 cities of Russia. In Chelyabinsk participants gathered over two hundred signatures under the petition to the Governor of the region Mikhail Yurevich. Animal rights activists demand to limit advertising of furs. Now the organisers put forward two arguments: the abuse of animals on fur farms and harm to human health. "The condition of the animals and methods of slaughter them leave much to be desired, - emphasizes Olga Kalandina, organizer antimehovogo March in Chelyabinsk. - Also we want to tell our people about how products made of natural fur affect human health. As for the dressing of hides and skins apply these complex chemicals like formaldehyde formaldehyde and others. Mass of chemicals that cause cancer, blood diseases, skin diseases". Opponents of fur and leather say that forcibly rip off from the citizens mink coats and spraying paint sable collars, they are not collected. Their mission is peaceful, and everyone is free to make their own choices. Animal protection activists of a number of European countries have already achieved their government ban on breeding of animals for the production of outerwear. Will it touch you Russia - the country, where natural fur for centuries considered a symbol of Russian-style - disputed question.