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Animal psychology explained how the animals find their way home

All the news 25.10.2013 at 05:30

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The Study of the mechanism of many scientists from different countries have given years. And most of the experiments confirmed: Pets manage to repeat the way in which they were taken away from home, even if they were in the bag.

moreover, a similar mechanism allows wolves pass tens of kilometers in search of prey, and then return to their burrows. It is based pigeon mail. Hence, the ability to migratory birds and nomadic animal return after wintering in their home nests and favorite pastures. The mechanism that moves the animals, still not fully understood. But, says Anna Fedorova, animal psychologist, candidate of biological Sciences, most likely, animals are guided by magnetic pole of the Earth. Presumably, for them the whole surface of the planet is covered by the «power grid», at which they move towards the house. This is indirectly proven by the fact that in the experiments cats on which placed magnets, immediately lose the ability to orientation.