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Dog carnival took place in new York

All the news 29.10.2013 at 08:23

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Four-legged Princess, cowboys and peacocks - in new York was a traditional parade of dogs in costumes, already 23rd. Hundreds of owners and their Pets showed images that capture the imagination.

Of the costume bees protruding ears and tail, of shocking bustier - a hairy chest. For the sake of a single frame paparazzi are ready to lie on the ground, only to model at least one minute stand still. New Yorkers are sure that their city is the most sobakolyubiviy. Every fourth family has furry friend. For them, the new York balls and Barbosov, has organized numerous clinics, shops, training grounds. There is even a swimming pool, a night club and its own annual parade, which gathers not less than 500 participants.

At the current dog show purity of blood and perfection of the exterior is of no significance. Appreciated only by your imagination, costume and the ability to present itself. Princess, supermen, cowboys, pirates, a huge number of dancers (sometimes with quite nebaletnoy grace); kudlatiy Santa Claus, a little ahead of time, and leaping over a season, and a couple of king Kongov all stand in line to get on the podium and survive his moment of glory. Almost all the costumes are made by hand. Delicacy of the work and the abundance of detail is amazing. For the sake of the only outlet in the light of people worked without sparing time and energy on the production of some of the costumes were leaving weeks of hard work. Hardly main participants of the event - dogs - with impatience waited for this day. But their owners were exactly were waiting and preparing. Buddy, for example, operated a couple of days ago, he prescribed bed rest, but the woman could not miss that show. At the parade you can meet a dog, a peacock, a dog-a motorcycle, and even the dog in the image of the Pope. Some people look as if all life had walked the catwalk, others will certainly nervous. The main prize was two Chi-Hua-Hua, brilliantly played the role of fried lobster. They were only too happy to not so much reward, so much the fact that the parade ended, you can reset the suit and come back to normal dog's life.