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How to make a wooden door panel made of pine

Wood furniture 01.11.2013 at 18:17

Manufacturer of wood furniture

How to make a wooden panel door of pine with their own hands.

Take Bulletin, 40mm do timber 40h80.

the Length of the beam depends on the box, in the previous article we had internal size 530h1920 inner box size.

of the size Of the 1920 take 10mm

530 take 10mm

These dimensions and will itself panel door.

In the beam 40h80 frezeruem groove along the entire length of 40mm.

groove Size 20x20 mm.

Next we prepare Board dimensions

Size 1920h530 .

of the size Of the 1920 take the depth of the groove 20mm ,get 1900.

of the size Of 530 take the depth of the groove 20mm, get 510.

the Size of the composite shield 1900h510.

Take Bulletin 25mm, making it 20h1900.

Number of boards determine 510 length and divide it by the width of the Board.

Board we say 190mm take 20mm.

on each side for 10 mm if we connect in a quarter. Thus gain 510 inserting a single one.

Well glue PVA glue.

that's all door made.

How to make a wooden panel door.

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