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The Pope and Angela Merkel: medieval causes of the conflict

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 31.10.2013 at 07:32

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Strained relations between the Vatican and Germany due not only to differences in religious beliefs between Catholics and Lutherans. If you carefully study the history of the dark Ages, there was one bright case humiliation Roman Pontiff German Emperor, that firmly established in memory of Germans.

Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel showed a friendly tone to the Pope, even at a time when the position of the Pope was a German, a former member of the Nazi youth organization "Gitlerfyund" Joseph Alois Ratzinger, known under the Pope's pseudonym, "Benedict XVI".

in 2009, When rumors that Benedict XVI wants to rehabilitate Pius XII, who refused to sign the request of the allies, condemning the genocide of the Nazis, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has strongly condemned the position of the Vatican and personally by Pope Benedict XVI about the Holocaust.

History testifies about the incident, which significantly affected the relations between the Vatican and Germany. With the coming to power of the Roman Church and was the beginning of the dark ages. As we strengthen this power became thicker and darkness. People believed not Christ as the true basis, and the Pope.

the People were taught that the Pope is the mediator between God and man, and no man can approach God except through him; and that the Pope for them instead of God, therefore, all must unconditionally obey him. Evasion from its requirements served as a valid reason to expose the perpetrators of the most cruel punishments.

Sin was dressed up in Holy robes. When Scripture is removed and the person considers himself the standard of truth, then we can only expect fraud and the most humiliating vices. With the rise of human laws and traditions were found depravity and corruption that are always due to neglect of the Law of God.

at The end of VII century the partisans of the Pope began to assert that in the first centuries of the Roman bishops had the same spiritual power, which they appropriated now. To give this application visibility, credibility, it was necessary to take specific actions, and «the father of lies» willingly told them what to do.

Monks were forged ancient manuscripts. Found unknown until now the decisions of the councils, allegedly claim absolute authority of the Pope from the early times. And the Church, otvergshaya truth, greedily absorbed and this fraud. But their influence on people Vatianu was not enough, and the Holy see undertook political leaders.

In the XI century, Pope Gregory VII announced the infallibility of the Roman Catholic Church. Not stopping on achieved proud Bishop also has arrogated to itself the power to subvert monarchs, arguing that no one has the right to challenge the decisions taken them, and only he should enjoy the right to revoke decisions of the other.

Tyrannical nature of the defender of infallibility is fully manifested in his conflict with the German Emperor Henry IV. For daring disregard of papal authority of the monarch was excommunicated from the Church and deprived of his throne. Frightened by his loneliness and threats princes who, having received a papal mandate, rebelled against him, Henry realized that he must come to terms with Rome.

accompanied by his wife and a faithful servant, he crossed the Alps in winter, in order to prove his humility before the Pope. Arriving to the castle, where there was a Pope, Heinrich without his companions was transmitted to the outer court, where in the bitter winter cold, bareheaded and barefooted, the beggar's attire, he was waiting for a meeting with the Pope.

And after three days of fasting and repentance father finally forgave him, having specified, that the Emperor will act only with the permission of the Pope. Gregory VII triumphed, considering their direct duty to humble the pride of kings. But the Germans subsequently was repeatedly reminded the Vatican about the insult of their honor.

In 1517 protest of the princes opened the way for a new denomination. The Lutheran Church was the state in Germany, and the actions of Luther served many vivid example that has contributed to expose the fallacies of the papacy and Europe from the abyss of the dark Ages. This is a story of relations of Germany and the Vatican.