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Christians celebrate reformation Day

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 31.10.2013 at 16:39

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October 31, 1517 doctor of theology of Martin Luther on the Church doors vittenbergskoy chapel nailed a piece of paper - 95 theses against the heretical teaching of the Roman Catholic Church about the indulgences. Since then, Bible-believing Christians October 31 celebrate reformation Day.

As indicated by the world famous Christian writer Ellen white in the book "the Great controversy", in the theses of Martin Luther pointed out, neither the Pope nor any other man, never was given the power to remit sins and punishment for them.

In particular, noted that the whole scheme is deceit and cunning means to entice the money for the game on superstitious people's feelings, and that is cunning Satan's plan to destroy the souls of those who believe in his false doctrine.

Protestants are firmly convinced that only the gospel of Christ is a precious treasure of the Church and open it the grace of God will give to all who seek it through repentance and faith.

after a few days the whole of Germany already knew about Luther's 95 theses, and after a few weeks of them spoke the whole Christian world.

it is Obvious that the aforementioned event significant impact on the reform process of the Christian Church in many countries, including Ukraine.

However, the reformation is not just a historical event, but a process, which should take place in the heart of every Christian. "Bible alone" - this is one of the main principles of the reformation, through which Jesus Christ wants to give us, that we may have abundant life.