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Pentecostals immediately run away after this phrase

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 01.11.2013 at 06:32

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If you got used Pentecostals drifted off to sleep strange heretical arguments, in this case it is important to know the phrase from which the so-called "Evangelical Christians", but actually the shakers pagan faith , immediately run away.

a Few days ago on the Central square of Chernivtsi three Pentecostal surrounded the chief editor of the Christian interpretation. As usual, the shakers were trying to convince him that violate one of the ten commandments of God is not a sin.

Psychological pressure was carried out in the style of a machine-gun fire, Trinity turns quickly she was bombarding with questions. After half an hour of processing chief editor been tired from the rollers, but they made no move to stop brainwashing session.

And then something amazing happened! Talking about the visit of the editor in community-rollers "Bethel". He started in detail to tell about what they had seen in the basement of trance glossolalii, during which the Pentecostals together shook and pointless babbling.

"the Shaking was now louder, now abated. It was noticeable that the group control the demons" - said Nikolai. Immediately after these words that the Pentecostals as the wind swept. And this happens every time they pointed out the nature of the sessions glossolalii.

Karina Croitor