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On the TV channel "Nadiya", the project Olesya Derkach, "the Bible testifies"

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 05.11.2013 at 10:51

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On the Ukrainian Christian TV channel "Nadiya" has launched a new fascinating special project dedicated to biblical analysis of different aspects of being on the issue of compliance to Christian moral standards.

Oles Derkach, author and leading the cycle of programs "the Bible speaks of Chernivtsi production Studio Western media center, will present the famous Protestant principle of the reformation "Sola Skriptura" (the Bible and the Bible alone as the answer to all questions worrying the public.

Yesterday took place the premiere of the first program under the name of "Sabbath or Sunday?" dedicated to the issue of the centuries-old conflicts in Christianity, arisen after the the decree of the Emperor Constantine on Sunday, ratified the Laodicean Council. The spectators had an opportunity to get acquainted with the fourth commandment of God, "Remember the Sabbath day".

"If you trust the Word of God, a Sabbath in the Bible called the Lord's day, because this day did God, and commanded us to keep it Holy. And about the Holiness of Sunday, the first day of the week, and none of the biblical text. Therefore, consider what the Bible says about that," said author and presenter of the program Oles Derkach.

Premiere program promises viewers on a fascinating journey to the pages of history. Judging by the presentation of the project the main purpose of the creative idea is the desire to teach the viewer to analyze the generally accepted norms as practical life, and Church tradition, on the question of compliance with the teaching of Scripture.