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Scientists have invented an artificial blood from water, salt and marine worms

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 05.11.2013 at 16:43

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Romanian scientists have created an artificial blood from water, salt and protein, which has already been successfully tested on mice. In the future it can be used when there is lack of normal blood donations, as well as to protect against infections.

Artificial blood invented by scientists from Babeş-Bolyai University. It consists of salt, water and protein gemeritrina, which is extracted from marine worms. The authors of the invention hope that the problem of the shortage of donated blood will be permanently removed.

And one of the scientists, Dr. Radu Silahi-Dumitrescu am sure that in the near future this artificial blood will be stored for a long time in the form of special powders. And when you add water it immediately becomes fully finished transfusion.

To this date, all attempts to create an artificial blood failed, as all developed fluid could not withstand the mechanical pressure and stress, which affects the normal blood. But unlike hemoglobin, gemeritrin remains stable under the influence of stress, as stressed by the doctor Silahi-Dumitrescu.

as artificial blood was tested on mice, the body which took its perfectly normal, not showing any side effects. The researchers hope to begin human trials in one-two years. "Universal blood" can be used in 98% of patients with all blood groups.

Note that in 2011, scientists from the universities of Edinburgh and Bristol in the UK have created billions of red blood cells from stem cells taken from bone marrow.