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Rangers held a conference under the motto "the Lord is my shield

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 09.11.2013 at 15:35

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8-9 November in the Central Chernivtsi community Seventh Day Adventist Church, the Congress of the Rangers Bukovina conference with participation of Director of the club Rangers Ukrainian Union of Peter Sirotkina.

The event was attended by Rangers of the three areas of Bukovina conference - Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil. In the process of holding the Congress of each club had the opportunity to show.

Club Rangers is a global program, organized and led by the Youth Department of the General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists. This program offers a wide range of educational and educational activities for young people aged from 10 to 15 years. On the ground this work is conducted by the SDA Church under the leadership of the youth leader of the corresponding conference.

Club «Pathfinder» is the Church's spiritual development program for teenagers. This program includes physical activity, adventures, competitions and mass activities, as well as provides opportunities to develop new relationships and skills that contribute to personal growth, the spirit of unity and a sense of loyalty, respect for God, His creation and His Church.

the First official attempt to work with the teenagers was made in 1907 at the Congress in mount Vernan, Ohio. After the First world war Adventist youth leaders began development of a new concept for teaching teenagers. History, Hiking, games, arts and crafts, and camp meetings were used in this new approach to the needs of young people.

In 1919 Century A. Spaulding, without a doubt, a major supporter of this new approach to the work with teenagers, organized the organization of scouts in Madison, Tennessee, for his own boys and their friends. The main attention was provided to manual work, woodwork, Hiking.

Constitution, the promise and the purpose of this club subsequently became the basis of the promises and of the Charter, which was accepted by young volunteers.

the Term «Pathfinder» was first used in the program adolescent volunteers, and two members of the Church of Santa Anna, California, in the early 1930-H. They have created a club for the children in her home, which had the same program that we have today. The name «Pathfinder» is also used in South-Eastern California, and when was bought camp in Idilvayde, California, it was called the Summer camp of the Rangers.

In the early 1940s most conferences in North America conducted an experiment with a program similar to the program of modern Rangers. On the Northwest coast of the Pacific ocean, where HP Skinner was the head of the youth Union, the club was known as the club of the «Pioneers».

As a youth leader conference of the South-Eastern California in 1946, D. Hancock decided to start this program in their conference. Since the name of their camp became «Pathfinder», it seemed logical that the club will be called «Pathfinder». The first meeting of the club, sponsored by the conference, was in riverside, California, led by a young man named Francis hunt.

This idea quickly spread to other conferences and in 1947, the youth Department of the General Conference requested the Pacific Unionu develop the program of the club «Pathfinder» on a trial basis. This Union, under the leadership of Nelson, developed the idea of the club from a few individual samples to a single plan.

In 1950, the General Conference officially proclaimed the formation of the world teenager club «Pathfinder».

club's Activity includes crafts, Hiking, regular meetings of the club and class work, charity events, training and marshirovki, camping meetings, public activities, awards and special events. Awards may be for the skill and dexterity, household skills, character, social work, diligence, ability to entertain and technique.

Club «Pathfinder» is a global organization, created and headed by the Department of youth Ministry of the General Conference of seventh-day Adventist Church. It is managed by a local Church, the SDA under the management and control of the head of the youth Department of the local conference. The district Director cares about the clubs of the district and their activities as the assistant to the youth leader.

Pathfinders are a special form, which encourages them to be proud of the fact that they belong to this club. The form is also prevents embarrassment associated with clothing and helps to rally and to make friends.

today, there are around two and a half million children Rangers around the world.