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How to distinguish the Church of the sect

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 10.11.2013 at 05:44

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Christian world today resembles children's game "Mafia". Among the thousands of denominations there is only one Church, corresponding to the biblical description of the Church of God. That's only how to identify among the many sects and heretical movements?

the First step is to determine what exactly it is necessary to pay attention to during the search of the true Church. According to the Bible the prefix "universal", "correctly and praises", "Evangelical" and "Christian" in the names of still mean nothing (Matt. 7:21-23).

the Number of parishioners is also not an indicator, a strong proof of that is the situation with the antediluvian world. Only eight people, including Noah entered into the ark and be saved from the flood, while such a possibility had all the inhabitants of the antediluvian world.

so, the determining factor of the truth of the Church, have a creed. Opening the Bible, as the most reliable measure of truth, we can easily, and most importantly to accurately determine the Church of God, comparing the creed of different denominations with the Holy Scriptures.

The Bible says that Christians believe in God the Father, Son and Holy spirit. If the teaching of the denomination question the Deity of Christ and the personality of the Holy spirit, all statements about involvement of Christianity are just a farce.

Christians observe the ten commandments of God. You can choose one of the ten commandments and check whether her. For example, in the fourth commandment of God told remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy. If commandment is ignored, then it is not Christians.

Christians unlike the pagans don't believe in spiritualism. After the fall of Adam and eve, God forbade the people to the tree of life. If a denomination teaches devil deception about the immortality of the soul, then this is typical of the Gentiles, which have nothing to do with Christianity.

God's people at all times earth's history, was Holy because God is Holy. All the denominations, allowing its members to defile krisyatinoy, zmeyatinoy (see Leviticus 11) are sects, trample on the Word of God in everyday life.

Jesus Christ to come for those who wait for His glorious return (Heb. 9:28). If the denomination is not prepare for the Second coming of the Lord, and believing in His visible return in glory (cf. 1:11), Christianity cannot be and speeches.

True Christian Church knows about the Ministry of Jesus Christ in the heavenly Sanctuary, therefore teaches people to seek repentance prayer to Jesus by confessing our sins. Sect ignore Christ's Ministry, illegally appropriating the right confession.

As we can see, the Bible is very easy to separate the Church from sects. Sects are dangerous because they can be even up to 99 percent truth in it, but barely visible to the human eye one percent veiled unrighteousness, which is extremely important to determine.