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The Bible and politics are incompatible for Christians

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 02.12.2013 at 16:27

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The concept of "policy" can mean so many different sides of relations in the power and authority, but if you summarize in a few words describe this term, the "policy" means the activity aimed at obtaining, retaining, or the use of power.

How the Bible refers to the policy? In the Bible examples of political activities? At the origins of creation of the state of Israel is such a notion was not allowed at all. Since managed the state God himself, and there needs to win or retain power, but with the introduction of the life of God's people, the concept of "the king", appeared and policy.

Was the first king, Saul, not willing to humble to God's will, tries to retain power and physically remove objectionable successor. Later we see the example of the election campaign, performed by the son of king David; Absalom, described in the second book of Samuel 15:2-6:

"And Absalom rose up early, and stood beside the way of the gate, and when someone having litigation, went to the king for judgment, then Absalom would call him, and said, of what city art thou? And when he answered, a tribe of Israel, thy servant, then said Absalom, behold, thy matters are good and right; but no one king to hear thee.

And told Absalom: Oh that I were made judge in the land! come to me like anyone who has a dispute and litigation, and I would judge him justice. And when approached anyone to worship him, then he stretched out his hand and hugged him and kissed him. So did Absalom to every man of Israel who came to the court of the king, and vkradivalsya Absalom in the heart of the Israelites".

Classic example of modern political activity: criticism of the authorities, to demonstrate God's love to the people, a promise to be a good leader.

Later, this process is developing in open rebellion against his father, the current king, David. Bible scholars know very well the ending of the story. Yes and by the way all the times when someone tried to get it or to seize power, ended in failure.

And how to be with a second after the Pharaoh of Joseph, the Prime Minister of Daniel, the Ministers of Ananias, Misailom and Kgs, cupbearer Neemiey, Queen Esther, and others, close to a higher authority, the biblical heroes? If we examine all of these examples, we see an interesting fact is that none of them even thought of what was to become a senior Manager.

Mentioned above Daniel was the approximate how to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, and Cyrus and Darius, the kings of the Medes and Persian. This situation became possible due to political neutrality, and the exceptional commitment to the King of kings, the living God!

it is God hath prepared for them a way to power and God kept them in power as long as He pleased, and they were required only faithfulness! None of them wanted to go to the authorities, not conducted election campaigns, and not weaving intrigues. The attempts to settle accounts with Daniel and Mordecai ended for the conspirators in the truest sense of fatally.

In our time, when people think that their well-being depends largely on what politician will come to power, the Bible clearly directs the eyes of the people to samoissledovaniyu, abandon idolatry, honest and righteous life. In those days, when the people of Israel adhered to these standards, prospered, economy and trade has been at a high level, and Vice versa, when the Jews went into idolatry, violated the laws of God, they lost their independence, became a colony, or subjected to forced resettlement.

Answer to the question "how does God relate to politics?" we can get, having studied the life of Jesus Christ, Who lived on the Earth, in a period of history when the state of Israel was under the occupation of Rome. We do not find by Jesus Christ, no political statement or a call to the liberation struggle. He always skillfully left from attempts to draw Him into political processes.

Paul vöster