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2300 evenings and mornings - prophetic period with 457 to the year 1844

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 05.12.2013 at 16:10

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Vision described in the eighth Chapter of Daniel includes the period of the reign of Medo-Persia (Aries), Greece (goat) and the Pope of Rome (the small horn). Because the duration of vision marked a period of «two thousand and three hundred evenings and mornings», hence, this period starts from the time the Medo-Persian Empire and lasts until the end of time. Text repeatedly emphasizes, «for the vision refers to the end of time» (Dan. 8:17, 19) and «to remote times» (Dan. 8:26).

But literal 2 300 days cannot cover a time period of vision. Therefore, following the principle recorded in Ezekiel. 4:5, 6 and Jehovah. 14:34, we should interpret prophetic day in accordance with the principle «each day for a year», that is 2 300 days is 2 300 years. The question remains: when begins the period of 2 300 years?

Bible scholars, both Jews and Christians, see the close relationship between Dan. 8:14 and Dan. 9:24-27. For a long time these passages were seen as a powerful prophecy pointing to the coming of the Messiah, Jesus. While the word «vision» (hazon) applies to the entire prophecy is Given. 8, another word «mareh»translated «vision», specify the «vision [mareh] on the evening and the morning» (Dan. 8:26). This «mareh» about 2 300 days of Daniel did not understand (Dan. 8:27). Everything else is explained angel.

a few years later the same angel Gabriel appeared to Daniel with a special message to the prophet was able to understand it «vision» [mareh] about 2 300 days (Dan. 9:23). Prophecy of the 70 weeks in these verses help us to understand the prophetic temporal element in Dan. 8:14. The verb «determined» Jewish «hatak») at the beginning of Dan. 9:24, which can also be translated as «isolated» or «cut off»in a special way indicates that 70 weeks are part of a longer period of 2 300 days.

Thus, the 70 weeks «cut off» from a longer period of 2 300 days referred to in Dan. 8:14. This is the key to the definition of the reference point of the prophetic time period is depicted in Dan. 8:14.

In Dan. 9:24-27 beginning of the 70 weeks marked by the release of command «to restore and rebuild Jerusalem» (Dan. 9:25). Ezra tells about the three decrees regarding Jerusalem and the temple, but only the third decree, which is written in the Lord. 7:12-26, «is the fulfillment of what is written in Dan. 9:25 as there mentioned as the construction of the city of Jerusalem, and the restoration of temple worship.

This commandment, which was published in 457 B.C. R. Kh., the Persian king Artaxerxes I revived religious-political autonomy of Jerusalem and self-government, allowing it to buy animals and bring them to the sacrifice (Ezdr. 7:17), and also to appoint judges, who know “laws of thy God” (verse 25). This decree restored all judicial authorities relating to the punishment of criminals, including prison confinement, confiscation of property, the link and the death penalty».

so, the Decree concerned the reconstruction of the temple and the restoration of Jerusalem as a political and administrative centre of the Lord. 7:25, 26). In the Bible, only after that the decree should be thanks and praise to God for what He has influenced the king of the Lord. 7:27, 28). Moreover, only if we take the 457 B.C. R. Kh. as a reference point, the 70 weeks (that is 490 years) reach a time «Messiah the Prince» (Dan. 9:25-27).

Prophecy of the 70 weeks gives us the exact date of the beginning of the period 2,300 evenings and mornings. It begins in 457 B.C. R. H. and ends after 2 300 years in 1844.