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In Ternopil was social action

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 08.12.2013 at 06:42

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Saturday 7 December in the Ternopil congregation, the Church of Seventh-Day Adventists measured poskryp milky street, 29, located near the famous Ternopil lake, took place social action for children with disabilities.

To the preparation of the event were joined by local Ternopil Adventists, youth missionary choir from Chernivtsi under the leadership of Angela Glibko and experienced activist missionary and social events Oksana Babiy.

Exactly fifteen hours in the Church solemn divine service began, which were already present in disabled children with their parents. During the program, the audience had the opportunity to enjoy the singing of the choir, various groups, recitation of verses.

Youth prepared some sketches from the life of the importance of correct relations of trust between parents and children. Talented young musicians entertained the professional game on a piano, violin, and saxophone.

"Thank you Adventist community and personally pastor Ivan Nikolayich for the hour dedicated to the love" - summed up the event, Deputy of labour and social protection of the Ternopil city Council Natalia Vladimirovna Nizdran.

at the end of the program all the invited children with disabilities and their parents received wonderful gifts, where besides the traditional large packages of products was a calendar for the year 2014, the newspaper "Everlasting belongings", magazine "In the spectrum", the book "the Power peremagati" and "Mayzhe zabutiy day".

Pastor of the local community Ivan Nikolaevich zaverjuha during the sermon reminded the audience that God is good, that all good comes from Him, and made a special prayer for those present children with disabilities and their parents.

Adventists Ternopil apply to the 25-million community worldwide Church of Seventh Day Adventists and are traditional Protestant Church in the region. Pastor Ivan Nikolaevich zaverjuha actively cooperates with the Ternopil mayor Sergey Nadal in the social sphere.