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Alexander the great

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 09.12.2013 at 13:19

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Medo-Persia ruled the world until not met a young man whose military genius was a mysterious and terrible. His name is Alexander the great. He became a great ruler in 25 years. This was the first October 331 BC.

At the head of his armies Alexander met with the Persian forces and defeated them in the battle of Arbel. His military genius Greece put forward at the height of the third world Empire, as it was predicted in Bible prophecy of the seventh Chapter of Daniel.

leopard with four heads and four wings replaced in world history, the Medo-Persian bear. But why Barca four heads? Alexander conquered the whole world, but not defeated itself. In a noisy drunken deboshe he drank gerkulesovskuyu a vial full of alcohol.

This was a huge bowl. The human stomach could hardly accommodate more quarts (1.14 liters). Oh, what a horror! He drank it twice! And this gerkulesovaya bowl killed him. Alexander died in a strong fever at the age of 33, in 323 BC.

According to his Testament, the Kingdom should belong to the strongest. His four generals Cassandre, Lizimah, Seleucus and Ptolemy divided between the once-mighty Greek Empire into four parts (four heads of the leopard is in the prophecy).

Four wings represent the speed of the conquests of Alexander. Only for 13 years been conquered the whole world. Such a feat in the art of war will never occur again. Before his death, Alexander commanded Greek cities of worship him as God.