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Celebration of Sunday - cancerous tumor in Christianity

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 10.12.2013 at 12:26

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Celebration of Sunday instead of the biblical Sabbath is nothing but a malignant neoplasm in Christianity. If the immunity of the medieval clergy functioned properly, it unmistakably would recognize an alien heresy. But alas.

Church rightly condemns all sorts of superstitions type of a black cat tapping on wood and empty buckets. Although the people and flirts with this pagan primitive, but the position of the Church is absolutely negative. Quite another matter to be with the celebration of the Sunday.

In the Bible, the Holy of the Lord called Saturday. Christ arose on the first day of the week, but nowhere in any book of the New Testament without God's guidance to sanctify Sunday instead of Saturday. Actually celebrate Sunday instead of Saturday is a sin according to the commandment.

Amazing, but the Church is not opposed this Gentile infection, and legalized it in the fourth century Laodicean Cathedral after the first in the history of the Sunday law, published by the Emperor Constantine 7 March 321, after the Nativity of Christ.

that is why the celebration of Sunday reminds mutated cancer cells in the body. With them the body fights as with other viruses and infections. As a result of masses of people, they sin, breaking one of the ten commandments of God and not repent of their iniquity.