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How to promote your website

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 10.12.2013 at 17:09

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So, you've created a website, filled him with a unique and interesting content. Now you can and promotion of thinking. Try to understand how you can attract visitors to your new site.

it is well known, now performs its tasks then, when he had visitors, who are looking at the page, read the texts, subscribe to newsletters, to draw up orders - i.e. do all that it expects them to the site owner.

Generally, the ways in which people can come to the site - click on the link or enter the website address into the browser. Depending on how the traffic sources can be divided into 3 groups: type-in, search engines and directories, reference resources.

Now discuss each of them in detail.

Type-in traffic

People type into their browsers to the url of your site and thus pass on the site itself - this is the type-in traffic.

To increase the share of such traffic - distribute business cards, leaflets with special offers, you can provide advertising on radio and TV, everywhere should be a reference to your site.

Generally a good proportion of the type-in traffic suggests that the project popular that the same people visit the site, read, communicate, remember by heart the website address (make sure the address of your site easy to remember) or add it to favorites.

Search engines and directories or search engine traffic

Search traffic is the lifeblood of most sites. Most often the information people are looking for in the net when the need arises. And the task of any website owner make his website easily found by search engines.

How can I get search traffic for a young site:

Make a semantic kernel those keywords that you want to find your website. Semantic kernel should consist of medium-frequency, low-frequency and high-frequency queries and are based on the real statistics of search requests, and not from your head.

Check that all of these requests were some extent taken into account on the website (mentioned in the Title, Description, spelled out in the attributes of «alt» to images, used in the title and the texts themselves and others).

Add information about your site in the search engines and directories, using the description of the keywords. The best fit for this registration in catalogs - especially good at helping to improve the visibility of a website in the issuance of medium - and low-frequency queries.

That the site does not come loose, waiting for him to fall traffic from organic delivery, use contextual advertising - buy placing of information about your website pages with the results of issuance. After 3 to 5 days of such advertising will allow to receive the long-awaited targeted visitors, even for high-frequency queries.

related sites

In a separate category of this source of traffic passed, because «historically» it was one of the first sources of visitors. Long ago, when the search engines were small, the webmaster simply recommend each other interesting sites, placing links on their pages. Your users to see these recommendations and, if the recommendation was interesting, passed through it.

Now search traffic and reference inextricably linked. Ranking algorithms of the search engines consider the number and quality reference resource, with the less commercialized request, the higher the influence of a reference mass.

The best way to get links on the site will be to create a really unique and interesting content. The kind that nobody else has done and which the owners of other resources will be happy to quote on their pages.

On pre-let Yandex about the appearance of the original text on his site (Webmaster Backward sites → specific website→ Content of the site).

Write interesting and useful articles on the subjects, place them on your site and let's announcements to them in article directories.

Write press releases.

Leave a comment in blogs, forums, social networks (signature specify the address of the site).

Experiment on the topic of «viral marketing».

Find partners and talk with them about placing links to your site. But do not abuse buying links through the exchange.

Successful promotion and targeted traffic!