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Watch soap operas stupid

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 12.12.2013 at 16:14

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Researchers in psychology and sociology noticed a new kind of dependency arising from repeated viewing of the TV series. Worried by the fact that only a small number of viewers are not fond of soap operas are fundamentally not allowing authors fictional scenarios steal their time and shape the mind.

TV Series, or as they are called soap operas steal time and develop a dependency viewer. Starting from "Slave Izauri" post-Soviet society successfully hooked on the needle TV series. Peak dependence takes a Mexican film "the Rich also cry", during which masses of people leave work, hurrying to TV screens for another portion of "Marianna".

Violence and domestic conflicts abound in the television series. Parallel world series affects the subconscious mind, leaving the viewer begins to mimic the behavior of a favorite characters. That's where lies the true cause of family conflicts and problems in society. Entertaining soap Opera do action scenes that after seeing successfully implemented.

Sociologists argue that a person's character is formed repeatedly uttered actions, becoming subsequently habits. If thirty-two times to repeat any action, it becomes habitual. Remember the number of series "Santa Barbara" or favorite of many Ukrainians "Roksolana". Dependence on soap operas really enslaves man.