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Jehovah's witnesses spread a lie about Jesus Christ

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 21.12.2013 at 15:22

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In John 13:12 there is a direct speech of Jesus Christ: "Ye call Me master and Lord : and ye say well; for so I am." Who witness Jesus Christ is Lord, or the greatest man who ever lived?

Religious organization witnesses watchtower does not want to accept Jesus Christ as Lord. At the direction of Brooklyn, they spread slander Jesus Christ, considering Him a created that completely contradicts the teachings of the Bible.

in fact, their attitude to Jesus Christ they preach lyutsiferianstvo, luring in their terrible sect deceived millions of victims of modern Arian philosophy, making them subsequently agents of the devil in spreading lies to God.

In the Bible, Jesus Christ is presented vechnosuschim God, with no beginning and no end. The prophet Isaiah, the apostles John and Paul unanimously speak about the divine nature of Christ, Who will soon return in glory for the redeemed people.

the Devil hates Jesus Christ, therefore, rejoices diligent work of the witnesses, when they two by two, go from house to house, spreading untruths about Jesus Christ. It is also pertinent to recall that the ten commandments of God for them not an authority.