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Rule and Slav - Orthodox Church history

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 24.12.2013 at 09:08

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Orthodoxy is the third largest branch of Christianity. The word "Orthodoxy" in the Bible is missing, so you should get acquainted with the historical facts of origin of Orthodoxy. The pagans worshipped in ancient times the Government, Slavi, Reality, Navi, and called their religious system of Orthodoxy, consisting of the names of the two gods of the Government and Slavi.

From IX to XIII century in Russia existed duality of religion. According to the Russian philosopher A.A.Sedovu, Christianity included as an element in drevnuyu the Orthodox faith. Ancient Arab sources tell that for the period duality of religion on the territory of the ancient Russian state, when Christianity nasazhdalos fire and sword, were wiped about 3000 Orthodox cities.

Although Nikon's reforms had dvoeveriem at the state level, in the prayers of the old believers have preserved the names of gods Rule, Yav, Perun, Sventovit, Veles, that speaks about a persisting duality of religion, even in our days. You Glorify, Reality and NAV I called the world of the gods because dedication of each of these gods was through "Miro".

"Miro" is a kind of no sweet ointment of a special composition of the manufactured for each God from the resin of the corresponding sacred tree. Using Miro person familiar with the particular God. Princes of Kiev as the state religion was advantageous to have Christianity, affirming the unity of command, since Orthodoxy is built on the kopskom law.

Rule Hail, Reality and NAV - pagan gods female. From the goddess Rule, there are two concepts of "right" (pravelniy) and "the right side". On behalf of the goddess Slavi also formed the word "great" (nice). Prav was True, Right, Right, Edit, Government direction. PRAISE the Glory, Slavs, Svyatoslav, Vladislav, Borislav, Rostislav, Vyacheslav.

1354 Aliksiy, who became Metropolitan, tried to commit with dvoeveriem in Russia. As a result of new trends split the Church of the faithful - worshipping Christ as a prophet, and the Orthodox Church, confessed Christ as God. This led to a civil war, which, by the will of historians or someone else, be presented as the Tatar-Mongolian invasion.

it is Curious that the Russian chroniclers with the beginning of the domination of the so-called, Mongol-Tatars did not write about their invasion. But if you know that the Christian and the Orthodox Church are two different faith and Batu Khan worshipped Government and Slavi, it becomes clear why at his side fought the Russian Cossacks - they fought for their Orthodox faith, which is to Christianity nothing had.