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Victor Alekseenko: Adventists in Ukraine out of politics

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 24.12.2013 at 09:40

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Victor Alekseenko, head of the Ukrainian Union conference of Seventh-Day Adventists, answered questions about the treatment of the current socio-political events in Ukraine.

- recently, Yuriy Lutsenko offered to the Churches to help resolve the crisis in Ukraine and to be intermediaries between the authorities and the people. Is there any sense in such a dialogue?

- Given that the Church, in spite of the position of some confessions to actively interfere into the whirlpool of events, remains the most neutral institution, some really see it as the perfect mediator. But they don't realize that the Church, if she follows the doctrine of the gospel is a call to reconciliation, this is the best and only way to restore relations. A political mediation more inclined to compromise and often does not lead to better relations.

Therefore the Church, with its high moral requirements to all participants of the event will be difficult to fulfil this mission. Reconciliation gives much more in such situations, but, unfortunately, this is a rare phenomenon in the political debate.

- on December 6, a so-called religious procession against «Evrosodoma». Gathered near Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. How do You personally think about such events and to this in particular?

- I think that the Church in the work of the all-Ukrainian Council of Churches and religious organizations done enough for coverage of their viewpoints on the draft laws, which may open the way for propaganda immoral way of life. Of course, this does not exclude the possibility for each denomination do what she wants. But in light of recent events in our society, such interventions can receive political colouring, and it's more harm to the whole Christian community and individual denominations.

in addition, the question arises: why are we trying to protect morality, actively prisoediniemsya only then, when the political confrontation? Surely something has changed in the spirituality of Europe for a few weeks?

- St. Michael's Cathedral now is a kind of headquarters Evromaydana. Can whether the Church is doing this? Because her calling in another... Some of the believers are indignant that in the temples of the people sleep, relax, talk. Consider that in this way as a disrespect to the house of God. Can You comment on this?

- the Lord fills the Universe, He does not need the temple to be had somewhere to live. That is why the churches, prayer houses are for people. There, they must, first of all, grow spiritually. But the Church is not a Church if its fence freeze hungry people.

In all times the Church on earth is not rare were the only hope of those who are persecuted, try to hurt or kill you. However, on the other hand, you should always remember about the original purpose of the temple and to lead people to Christ as the Only Consolation and Hope. This means that in the temple, the house of prayer shall be the place of all: are they or are friends, protect the state power or curse - if they need help, it must give them. All that goes beyond such assistance, is not perceived to be part of the people and closes them the way to the temple. It should not be.

Generally, I am against any interference of the Church in political events, and one of the major arguments for me is exactly the one that the Church - to all, as the Lord gave His life for all mankind.

- What is bad and what is good, in Your opinion, will Ukraine's joining the Customs Union or the European Union?

- Forecasting of the need to leave to politicians. And we, the representatives of the Church, to call upon our people to explore the Bible, which opens more important, relating to the future of both Ukraine and the whole world.

Alla Boyko