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Year of the horse - primitive pagan superstition

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 01.01.2014 at 07:18

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New 2014 pagans believe the year of the horse, forcing society fictional rules on how to meet, what to celebrate the new, that should be on the table during the new year night, what gifts to give and even how to decorate a house.

Superstitions associated with the name of the year name of an animal, have no logical grounds. The problem is that society perceives this information is not as prejudices, and for the pure truth.

Danger of faith in the Chinese calendar, as in the horoscope is that man shuts morally responsible for their actions, referring to the alleged inevitability of fate, which actually does not exist.

Bible says about the personal responsibility of each person for his own decisions in his life. Fate, supposedly fixed stars, there's no choice to make a permanent and meaningful way.

Elect of God, the commandments and the judgments, open the Bible, or entrust their future primitive pagan superstition? Following the Bible have abundant life now and in the future have eternal life, or to be guided by a lie?

Created man in His own image and likeness, God has given people the ability to analyze and make decisions. Given the pagan origin of the Chinese calendar and horoscope not even worth to pay attention to these vile superstition.