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Parents should react to violence in the school

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 04.01.2014 at 15:08

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Teens aged 12-15 years very often exposed to violence in the school, which slows down the development of personal qualities, leads to low self-esteem and seriously complicates the life of a young man.

Parents should carefully monitor their children in the upper grades. At the slightest suspicion of violence by their classmates or "guest performers", earning their blows on vulnerable adolescents need to respond immediately.

Reaction includes a Frank conversation with a teenager, a visit to a school, if necessary, and a statement to the police about the crime situation in the school. The main thing is not to remain indifferent to the problems of adolescent needs help.

Parents are Christians can hold a conversation with a teenager, to determine whether the reason for his troubles some secret sins. If any are found, you need God's help to get rid of bad habits, and do them no more.

If a school has a place of the crime situation, for the sake of the safety of their child parents should immediately transfer him to another school. The slowdown will end badly - beating up a teenager can cause injury with severe consequences.