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Vadim Korzhos made a missionary trip to Africa

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 07.01.2014 at 09:28

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Yesterday at the meeting, which took place in the ninth Chernivtsi community Church of Adventists of the Seventh Day on the street Korostyshev, present young people had the opportunity to hear the amazing experiences of a surgeon Vadim Korzhosa.

Vadim tonight shared an important event in his life. From 13 to 27 December last year, in fact, a few days ago, he made a missionary trip to the country of Central Africa Chad, where safely returned alive and well.

God's guidance he noticed long before the trip, all the paperwork being solved. Even in Moscow not to go for a visa. According to Vadim, preparing for the trip imprinted many experiences of God's guidance and support.

Upon arrival to a country where hundred of thousands of people, only two doctors, Vadim did missionary service rendering medical aid to people. Within two weeks together with the surgeon Rolenom Blendom from the U.S. he did seventy operations.

"Life in the country of Chad complicated. Just 200 km of roads are paved. The country is on 171 place on the level of development. But there is something that is rarely seen in the civilized countries sincere smiles of local people" - shared his impressions Vadim.

Vadim's served for many young people as an instructive example. During the meeting the young people told about plans of missionary work in the near future and was invited to take an active part in the literary world evangelism.