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The Pentecostals and Catholics in the next year will unite

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 08.01.2014 at 08:19

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The Head of the Pontifical Council for promoting Christian unity cardinal Kurt Koch sees Pentecostal the main partners of the Vatican. on June 16, 2011 held a seven-day session of the theological dialogue between the Holy see and the Pentecostals. It was planned in four years, that is in 2015, promulgate the General document on behalf of the Pontifical Council for promoting Christian unity and leadership of the Pentecostals.

the Process of apostasy Pentecostals from the traditional positions of Protestantism was confirmed by the senior Bishop of the Church of Christians of Evangelical faith of Ukraine (CCEFU) Mikhail Panochko: "Time changes people, relationships and processes that occur at the global level. We all come to a conclusion about the need to seek common ground and platform for interaction. Because the Triune God and His Word is common to all the main Christian denominations".

From personal conversation with the representatives of Pentecostal edition of the Christian glance, it became known that Mikhail Panochko came from the Roman Catholic Church. The problem is not in the dialogue and communion with the Catholic leaders, after all, Christians must be a light to the world and the salt of the earth. The problem lies in the decision to suspend the process of sanctification by following all of the truths of the Word of God, that the Holy Spirit reveals and encourages accept.

For Martin Luther, John Calvin, and other reformers would be unnatural stating publicly that the Word of God is the measure of the faith of the Roman Catholic Church. The mass confusion that Catholicism brought from paganism during the dark Ages, still remain in the Catholic doctrine. Today the Vatican changed tactics, but not ideology should be remembered Christians, trusting the Bible and only the Bible.