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Maravskiy 31.12.2013 at 15:10

Maravskiy -

The Book of Genesis is traditionally credited with Moiseyu.Eta book-the beginning (Genesis),which brings us into the overall plan of God:creation of the world-the fall-redemption.

the focus of The book the God who created the world,maintains and manages its vsem.Chelovek created in the image of God,had to obey Him,but fell into sin.

But the love of God to Adam and eve and their descendants was so great that,by His grace,He promised them a Saviour, and gave them another opportunity to serve Him.

Later on, God had a special relationship with Abraham and his descendants,the Holy Covenant;the rest of Biblical history is the history of God's Covenant people


Genesis is like a mirror where we can see our life. We also infected grehom.Kak Adam and eve we went out of obedience to God's will,like Jacob,we are ready to go its own way,though that could cause the pain of their loved ones.

However, the loving God offers us His forgiveness and mercy,just as He offered them our first parents in the garden Edema.On took our sins and defeated the forces of Satan,when he sent His son Jesus to die on the cross.

He promises to be with us as He promised it to Jacob in Vefili.Tak the same as God called Abraham to believe in the birth of a child a sterile,barren Sarah,He wants us to believe in the crucified and risen Christ.

We can be sure that God protects our life .We must believe that,even if something bad happens to us,as it was with Joseph,God can and will make a bad born something good.

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