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God the author of marriages

Maravskiy 11.01.2014 at 11:30

Maravskiy -

From Genesis to revelation, the Central theme of mankind is the marriage (Otkr19:6-9)

In his teaching Jesus has outlined a plan for marriage, the Father in the creation of the world (Mf.19:4-6).

1) the Initiative of marriage is a wholly owned Bogu.2) God created eve for Adam, because only He knew what the satellite needs Adam.3) it is God who presented the eve to Adam, and Adam was not looking for ee.4)it is God who defined as Adam and eve were to treat each other (Gen 2:24).

Today the standards of the world is in stark contrast with the Bible (jer. 25:10-11;Otkr18:22,23),which indicates the moral and spiritual climate in society.

God's standard is high but achievable and if you want to enter God's plan for marriage, you must cultivate relationships in 4 areas:

1. your attitude toward marriage (Ef5:25-32),reverence and humility.

2.Vashe attitude to itself (the sense of values).

3.your relationships with other people.

4.Vashe treatment of parents (Ef6:1-3).

Guide to action. (Do them every day until you firmly grasp).

1.(Ps118:105) while we are in obedience to the Word, we do not lose the way.

2.(1In1:7)it is the basis for success and progress in the Christian life.

3.(ROM 8:14)let the Holy Spirit lead you.

4.(PR. 4:23)watch on what do you admit in your heart (fantasy, flirting, superficial relationships).

5.(Is. 64:4)it is difficult. Be prepared to wait! The expectation is testing our faith purifies motives, bring nature to maturity.

6.(John 12:24) be prepared for death and resurrection.

7.(Pr.12:15;15:5)you can greatly benefit by using their perspective.

8.(PR. 19:14;18:22)it is God who gives reasonable wife; it is a sign of God's blessing to the recipient. (Ps.36:4)

Man is going to marry.

you Must be clear about the role that man will be playing (husband, father, and in the aggregate, «the head of the family»1 cor 11:3).Kakaya great responsibility and sacred privilege (In5:19;14:9-10). Your success in this role will fully depend on your relationship with Jesus.

Presenting Jesus your family, learn to combine the role of priest, mediator and teacher.

First develop sensitivity, and commit your needs and feelings, ideas; predvidte problems and dangers; make decisions. Need a strong character and firm goal to make your decisions are implemented. So be a leader, be prepared to resist. The basis of such a Leadership responsibility and loyalty.

Before you completely give yourself to God (AC3:6).Rassmatrivayte each situation as learning programs God development of your character; deeply and systematically study the Bible, the key doctrines of the Christian faith; maintain regular prayer life; join a live, healthy Church.

Woman preparing for marriage.

Girls of this generation bombard humanistic and feminist philosophies through school and TV., magazines. Taught her how to be attractive, to prepare for a career through training, but not how to succeed as a wife. However, the nature of a woman finds expression and fulfillment of assistance.

1.Gotovtes be assistant (Gen 2: 8)Create, husband cozy house (food, cleanliness, care of children, atmosphere Etc. 31)

2.Razvivayte their relationship with the Lord.

3. cultivate respect for yourself.

4.Budte willing to learn, (not a study to study, not on TV)

5.Stremites serve.

6.Prisposobtes to the priorities of your husband.

7.Molites and hodataystvuyte.

8.Nablyudayte behavior wives in the model marriages.

the Role of parents and pastors.

Parents can contribute to the success of the marriage of their children in 5 ways:

1.Molitva.2.Primer.3.Nastavlenie (teaching is a message to the children of the truth; instruction is monitoring the application of these truths in daily life) 4.Obschenie (formal and permanent, and not religious, academic 5.Uveschevanie.

Pastors must be careful not to get between parents and children. Their role is to strengthen, guide, advise (Mal. 4:5-6).

Divorce and remarriage.

Divorce is one of the major contemporary social problems. The main reasons are wrong view of marriage; lack of or inadequate preparation for marriage.

Jesus forgives and heals and restores.

Place of celibacy.

Causes of celibacy can be divided into 2 categories:

1.Estestvennie (physical, mental, social)(Deut 29:29;Mf11:26;2Kor12:9)

2.Duhovnie (God's calling, or the act of self-denial)(1Kor7:7;12:7;9:5-6)

you Need to discover God's will for his life.

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