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The choice of a life partner

Maravskiy 11.01.2014 at 14:53

Maravskiy -

Three important life decisions: choice of the Savior; choice of occupation in life; the choice of a partner. A Christian should always choose a companion life of a Christian (Amos 3:3; 2 cor 6:14-18).

Here are some qualities to look for in a man whom you are going to be married.

1.Svidetelstvuet, whether it is with confidence that has to be born again of the spirit of God?

2.Udelyaet whether he (she) regular reading of the Bible and knows what she teaches?

3.Poseschaet whether he (she) regularly Church, where preaching the Word of God?

4.Lyubit whether he (she) to talk about spiritual things? (Mf12:34)

5.Vedet if he or she is pure and chaste life?

6.Imeet whether he (she) is a real desire to hold other people to the Lord and see them saved?

7.Poluchil whether he (she) baptism in the Holy Spirit?

If the answers to several of these questions will be «no», then it's not the people, otherwise You'll have a lot of grief, pain and not be able to fully serve the Lord.

Always easier not saved spouse make a Christian bogootstupnikom than Vice versa.

Remember, Marriage does not change the nature of man. Insistently pray to the Lord: «the Savior choose for my life partner.

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