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Maravskiy 11.01.2014 at 15:26

Maravskiy -

Petition-a Foundation for any Ministry in the Church. 1.Naydi them. Help them to reveal their calling. 2.Nastavlyay them. Training. 3.Priznavay them. Respect and listen to them. 4.Obschaysya with them. Pay attention to them. 5.Utverzhday, odobryay, thank them. They should know that they are an important part of the service of the Church. 6.Lyubi them. They should know that we love them, even if you disagree with their word. 7.Nadelyay power. Hodatai - our partners in Ministry. 8.Pokrivay them. Give them the accountability and safe place for the development of their gifts. Pay attention to the dangers and errors. Mature intercessor, understands the heart of pastor, and will work with him, not around it. Do not take immature believers as to the impure, love them!

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