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In Krasnoyarsk scientists have improved vaccine against cancer

A Christian perspective on news of religion and the world 27.01.2014 at 12:54

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Cell cancer patients are put in a basis of unusual vaccine, according to "Russian newspaper". Compared to the original version, received the vaccine is more effective in hundred times. As experts note, dendrikletochnaya vaccine produced on the basis of the patient's own cells.

First patient taking cells, and then they reproduce, modify and teach attack cancer cells. The modified cells are injected back into the patient, and in his organism, they start to fight the tumor.

Improvement consists in the following: before a process of "learning" dendritic cells first check and normalize them metabolism. Only then is the activation of tumor material.

it is Known that starting clinical trials are scheduled for the current year. Must participate in the 60 people who are selected regional an oncologic dispensary. If the tests complete successfully, the start of industrial production could begin in five years.