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ICITY 30.05.2014 at 20:46

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FlareGet - download Manager for the Linux operating system. Supports automatic dynamic segmentation, downloadable files, load speed of each segment, and so on.

Interface FlareGet seems standard for such programs. In the upper part there is a panel with buttons to the left of the category of downloads, the right of the table with a list of downloads and their data. Download automatically categorized, based on the file extension.

the Program supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.

Saznace that FlareGet free, but not Open-Source. Now the program is available only for Linux, but are porting the program on Windows. The program does not translated into Russian.

Installing FlareGet in Ubuntu Linux

FlareGet missing in the official Ubuntu repositories. In the Internet you can find a third-party repository PPA, but I tried them and they contain not the latest version of the program. Therefore, the best option at the moment would be to download ready deb package from the program site. To do this, go to the product page and download the archive type flareget_1.3-5(stable)_deb_rpm.tar.gz. In this archive there are two deb packages for 32-bit and 64-bit systems, respectively. By the way, it also has rpm packages. In Ubuntu we install a deb package. Double click it and follow the instructions of the installer.

FlareGet can be started from the menu Dash or from the command line by running: flareget. In Ubuntu, the application adds an icon to the notification area (tray).