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ICITY 11.06.2014 at 11:25

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Deluge - outdoor free cross-platform BitTorrent client. Available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. In its functionality is coming (well, superior - opinions vary) in uTorrent (the most popular in Windows).

using the program you can download and distribute the content in the torrent networks, create your torrent files.

Very wide range of functions in the Deluge and settings:

- UPnP NAT-PMP, peer exchange, DHT, flexible network configuration (select outgoing/incoming port)encryption;

- limit download speeds/distribution, the number of connections that allows you to configure the client under your Internet tariff and needs;

- intuitive, as it is accepted to speak, interface;

- quality translation into Russian;

- proxy settings;

- there are modules.

appearance Deluge informative - the main field with torrents, left the breakdown of the state and trackers, at the bottom of all available information regarding specific torrent (status, banquets, files, etc.).

Program Deluge is, in the vast majority of the repository Linux distribution, so installation problems should arise. Fans of the "candelete" can go to the official website and download from there fresh sources.

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