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ICITY 14.06.2014 at 07:34

Just another WordPress site

FOFF (Free Open FTP Face) - free easy FTP client for Linux. The program interface is clear and simple, not overloaded with superfluous features.

Simple, small and very handy ftp client with a pleasant interface. Not as cool as FileZilla , but it knows its hard. With size of 100 KB, it has built in tools for opening images, text, audio and work with archives. Of course, supports saving bookmarks.

Cons: lack of drag'n'drop, but you will understand that it is not necessary

Runs under Linux, Windows, *BSD. Written in Python using GTK.

P.S. the Latest version dates from 2006, but it is better not to do If you like simple programs Unix-way kind of Transmission and LinuxDC - try and FOFF

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