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ICITY 16.06.2014 at 10:09

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GCstar - free software for Linux, designed for creating collections. It Manager collections.

When you first start you will be prompted to choose the type of collection you want to create. For example, a collection of books, movies, comics, stamps and so on. From the collection type depends on which options you can specify objects for your collection. In addition, you can create your specific collection. You can specify which fields (parameters) should be the objects and specify some options.

Consider the program on the example of creating a collection of books. When adding new book offers you a quite large form. You can specify the title of the book, language, author, genre, description, put the date reading the book, put your assessment, add tags and specify another dozen other parameters. There is a possibility to obtain information about the book from foreign Internet shops. You can also specify the workbook is someone on his hands, that is to whom you have given.

If you create movie collection, then you can specify the date of creation, the Director, the length of the film, select images for the cover, description, and more. In this case, as for books, you can fill in the fields automatically using the built in search of a popular movie sites (e.g., IMDB, Allmovie). From the Russian, for example, the Kinopoisk, but I somehow never got't find anything on it. Perhaps some kind of error associated with encoding.

GCstar relatively many settings. Also there is a search function and filter from the collection. There is a button "Why would you look tonight" by pressing on which you are offered one of your collection of films which are not specified that you watched it.

Program GCstar translated into Russian, but not completely and large flaws. For example, when you create a collection of books in the interface elements always had the word of the movie instead of a book.

GCstar has disadvantages. When using the program I somehow always had the feeling some incompleted and the interface would be more convenient. Twice I got some strange error that the file cannot be opened collection.

GCstar can be installed on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, and MacOS X.

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