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The son of Yanukovych (Prancer muy Buena) asked Lukashenka political asylum

All the works 17.06.2014 at 11:25

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Of the President of Belarus played by telephone Ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych considers the possibility of moving from Russia to Belarus

this is stated in the recording. On account of the man, whose voice is similar to the voice of the MP Viktor Yanukovych Jr., says the man whose voice like the voice of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarusian partisan 17.06.2014 Lukashenko riled phone draw according to a source "Belarusian partisan" in the administration of the President of Belarus, scandalous phone draw greatly angered Alexander Lukashenko, who demanded to punish the guilty.

According to the source, the adjutant of the President punished, head of the governmental communication (turntables).

Lukashenko demanded during the week to catch a phone Joker and send in forage harvesting". Otherwise, there will head the KGB chief and the head of administration.