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ICITY 24.06.2014 at 12:34

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Gramps - functional freeware for creating a family tree (family tree, family tree). Has all the necessary functions. Builds a tree graphically, maintains links, search, many options for every person and much more.

First Gramps you must create people. I think this is a very strong point of the program. For each person you can specify many options, including name, nickname, other names (for example, at birth, gender, title, photos, events (e.g. birthday), various attributes, notes, addresses, and so on. According to the information you entered, you will be able to search and make the necessary selection.

Between people, you can create the relations, to create family, to add events to the relationship and more.

the program is really a lot and it can be used not only to create family trees. You can, for example, to use Gramps to create a hierarchical structure of the enterprise.

Gramps supports add-ons, you can download them from the official website.

Interface Gramps fully graphics. The main window is divided into tabs. Each tab displays specific information, with which you can work. Adding new objects occurs in the dialog boxes. In General the interface I like.

import and export information in multiple formats.

Note that I have described only the basic capabilities of Gramps.

Gramps translated into Russian. The program is in the Ubuntu repositories, but I installed from the .deb packages from the official website. Gramps you can install Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows, and MacOS X.

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