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Spanish fascists will hold a protest action near the U.S. Embassy in Madrid

View 24.07.2014 at 12:16

Business newspaper "Sight"

On Friday, July 25, at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid held a rally against the policy of the American authorities to support the punitive operations of Ukrainian troops against the peaceful population of the South-Eastern regions of Ukraine. The action was organized anti-Fascist coordination centre of Spain together with the Committee in support of Ukraine without fascism, said in a statement. The organizers want to attract their share of attention of Europe to the monstrous war crimes against residents of the South-Eastern regions of Ukraine, which are carried out by the authorities of Kiev with the active political, financial and military support from the United States, which has already led to thousands of innocent victims among the civilian population and the huge flow of refugees, threatening to turn into a real humanitarian catastrophe", the message says."the Protesters intend to call on the US authorities to stop supporting Kiev junta and to use their influence on Ukraine's leadership for an early end to military operations against civilian population and to start a peaceful dialogue between the parties to the conflict", says the press release. The participants also intend to draw attention to the deliberate large-scale falsification of the American and Ukrainian media data about the real situation in the areas of military operation of the Ukrainian army in the rally, expected to take part inhabitants of Odessa and South-East of Ukraine - witnesses of the tragic events of recent months.