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Starts 10th anniversary of the all-Russian action "St. George ribbon - 2014"

PROMOTION 21.04.2014 at 18:59


Urge all concerned residents of the Tambov region to join the Action.

the all-Russian action "St. George ribbon" is a symbol of the great Victory - has been held since 2005 and is a good spring tradition, and pride for the great feat of the soldier, a tribute to veterans, the sacred memory of those who died. The sign of the Action is symbolic ribbon, the color of which is similar to the colors "St. George ribbon", but are not an exact copy. It is a symbol of valor and glory.

On the territory of Tambov region action "St. George ribbon" has been held annually since 2006. It began with the distribution of ribbons of St. George in the regional center, now take part in the event almost all cities and municipal districts of the region. The campaign is held with the support of the administration of the Tambov region. The coordinator is the liaison Department of public administration.

Annually before the beginning of the action, the organizer of the Regional public organization of social support Students ' community" refers to the head of the administration of Tambov region Oleg Betina with a request to create awareness of local residents about the ongoing campaign, on where in each city, village, town you can get ribbons for themselves and their loved ones. Over the years the campaign was distributed to more than 100 million ribbons all over the world! From February to may each year actively working website The most popular among the citizens of our country is the section entitled "Where you can get the ribbon?" (

Obrashaites administration in your area, city, village and get St. George ribbons.

If the war has touched your family. If you know what the price we got the Victory. If you are proud of their history, his country, his family. If you recall. Make "St. George ribbon" symbol of your memory - attach it to the lapel of service, Powai on hand on the bag or on the vehicle's antenna.

Look like us a lot! St. George ribbon. Powai, if you remember!

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