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Petty theft has proposed be considered theft in the amount of up to 2 thousand rubles

Legal advice Law League 03.10.2014 at 08:49

Legal Advice Law League

Strap theft, which is considered small, can be increased up to 2 thousand rubles

the Corresponding bill introduced in the State Duma Collection -

Kurultai of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

currently, according to

senior 7.27 of the administrative code, small admits theft of up to $ 1 thousand rubles This

plank was introduced in 2008, earlier small was considered theft in the amount of

to 100 rubles

in Addition, the Bashkir deputies propose

changes in the notes to the Art. 158 of the criminal code ("theft"). Now it says,

what do considerable damage to a citizen is determined with reference to his

property, but may not be less than 2,5 thousand rubles

Under the bill, the bar should be raised to 4 thousand rubles