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FIU refutes the authorities ' intention to extend the moratorium on pension savings

Legal advice Law League 03.10.2014 at 09:59

Legal Advice Law League

The Chairman of the Board of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) Nikolay Kozlov believes,

the state within five years there will be no funds for the formation of

mandatory pension savings. Said Gantry can

reflect the official position of the FIU, and not personal opinion, participants

market. Top Manager FIU gave to understand that the social unit of the government

plans to introduce a pension moratorium and in 2016, and 2017, and 2018

year, commented, "RBC daily" top Manager of one of the largest

management companies. The press service of the FIU words Kozlov denied. [Newline] the source of RBC daily" in the government said that the theme of renewal

moratorium is not discussed.

Insufficient funds

Kozlov called one of the problems of further development of the system

pension savings in the required format. "As we all know,

state two years in a row refused to allocate funds for

the formation of a funded pillar. This is, as I understand it,

purely financial reasons. To expect that in the foreseeable future,

at least for five years, the state will return to practice

the actual formation of the budget funded component

have," said Kozlov on Thursday at a conference in Khanty-Mansiysk.

In these conditions "the retirement community should put at the head of the corner

its work, the development of voluntary format cumulative component",

he said.

According to Kozlov, those who believe that

voluntary basis to form a contributory pension, no one will, not

right. "Something like that we heard when introduced voluntary

medical software. But practice shows that a huge number of

enterprises these programs generates. I believe that in our country

should be created in such a system, when employers will be forced

to form voluntary pension provision. This requires

favorable conditions, appropriate incentives," he said. According to

Kozlov, we need to introduce tax incentives should be provided