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The driver got 3.5 years for a fatal accident during a phone conversation

Legal advice Law League 03.10.2014 at 12:17

Legal Advice Law League

The Supreme court of the Republic of Bashkortostan tightened

the verdict of the 23-year-old Rinat Rasulev for committing an accident during

telephone conversation in which people died, according to the website

Prosecutor's office of Russia.

As determined by the court in December 2013

year after drinking alcohol in a nightclub Rasulev went with four

friends home. Driving a car Lada Priora, he was distracted by

talking on the phone and at the speed of 90 km/h and went into the oncoming lane,

overturning a vehicle in a ditch. The accident resulted in one of the

passenger car died in hospital from his injuries.

the Defendant pleaded guilty to the crime.


the district court sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment with a

test for a period of 4 years 6 months under part 4 tbsp. 264 of the criminal code of Russia.

However, the public Prosecutor appealed against "unduly lenient" sentence. Supreme

court of the Republic agreed with the arguments of the Prosecutor and sentenced Rasulev to 3

years and 6 months of imprisonment in a correctional colony of General regime

disqualification from driving for 3 years.