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Why should I upgrade Joomla and JoomShopping

JoomShopping Pro 28.11.2014 at 21:00

Component JoomShopping is a free script online shop for Joomla! Professional extension that will allow you to quickly create your online store yourself. Sell any goods, including weight and digital. Huge selection of modules, plug-ins, full Russification and great SEO opportunities!

Introductory remarks on the topic "Why do I need it?". Indeed, and it all works, why seek adventure? Thinks most novice webmasters for two reasons: lack of experience or a negative experience.

As the saying goes "don't touch it until it works", unless there is a good reason. Here are three good reasons for regularly updated:

Reason # 1

update fixed bugs. Programmers are people too and they make mistakes. These errors can be corrected using "patches" or "patches" (from the English. patch). During the upgrade replaced the files with errors in the code.

If You are using an old version of the software and encountered a strange error, first update, because most likely the problem is already floored by. Not helped? Then look for companions in misfortune in Google. And there's no solution? The last step is to report the error to the developer.

Reason # 2

As a rule, together with the updates, the developers add new features in the program, as well as improve old features. During the upgrade the obsolete files are replaced to ensure correct operation of the new options.

you Cannot refuse to upgrade because "I don't need new options". Actually it's just an excuse "not to touch component, because there are already confident that the update will entail the loss of all developments (someone edited the source code). Right, but the "core" edit not all changes need to be implemented through additions (add-ons, plug-ins).

Reason # 3

Heredity. That the site worked steadily, all software must be "the same age".

for Example: Joomla 3.3 requires PHP version not below 5.3.10. Component JoomShopping uses the built-in CMS the JQuery library version 1.11.1. Favorite plug-in may use certain features and platforms, and component and modules on the hosting. What if I got an "old" one? In the case of site - old horse will spoil the furrow".

Files are replaced, all edits will be lost!

Right way it can be done. But there are ways to avoid losses following three simple rules:

Rule No. 1

Make backups of files and database. Check whether the hosting backup "on the machine". How often it runs? How long do you keep up? Before any upgrade, make an additional copy of the website and save it on the local computer.

Rule No. 2

do Not allow anyone to edit the "kernel" Joomla or JoomShopping. For Webmasters in the terms of reference specify clearly, preferably in the first paragraph and red font:

"any changes necessary to run the plugin/addon. It is important not to lose the opportunity to update the software of the site. The source code is not to rule!"

Rule No. 3

to Use overrides in Joomla. The essence of this method is to copy the source files in Your template, then edit in a new place. But this is material for a separate article.

How to update JoomShopping is already on the way.