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Study / Secondary education

The use of digital educational resources in preparing for the exam

WORKBOOK TEACHER 10.09.2014 at 07:14

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The Purpose of this article, the materials which were presented in the framework of the scientific-methodical seminar "Working with gifted children in middle school in the introduction of new educational standards" (SF KubSU, 2014), is a description of the methods of preparing students for the exam with the use of digital resources. At the present time, probably every teacher is aware of what to prepare students for the exam for a few sessions impossible$CUT$. Therefore, this work should lead long before the 11th grade, especially if we are talking about the exam in a foreign language. In this case, the teacher can help Zorah, through which run the creative group work is an interactive training solutions to communication problems, is proveshivanie KIMS online. The use of Zorah for the teacher means, no doubt, and the additional load, but it is only on one side. On the other hand, Zorah making a variety of lesson. Classes become richer forms, interesting. Zorah increase the students ' interest to the subject, give them the opportunity to fill the gaps in knowledge and correct mark. For the weak, closed children work on PC sometimes much more useful work with their strengths classmates: child process calmer, no one hurries, no one over him, mocking. Over time, these children are much more confident and as a consequence overcome barriers in communication.

to Apply Zorah possible at each stage of the lesson: to introduce new material, updating of knowledge and so on, In this approach, the incentive for training will be implemented through the introduction of novel elements that distract students from difficulties, entice them and captivate their uniqueness. Such novelty items, in our opinion, are:

- multimedia presentations;

programs and simulators;

- project activities on the PC;

educational videos;

- Zorah for monitoring and evaluation ZUN;

- electronic textbooks.

In order to prepare for the exam makes sense for the current examination of the students to use not only its traditional form, but also a computer version of the test using prepared with the help of online Zorah test tasks and tests. From the latter it should be noted such as:






Ne consider Zorah exclusively as new training opportunities. Zorah form new ZUN. Students in getting acquainted with them, as our experience shows, is able to use additional materials for lesson preparation and for self-study for GIA. The educational process with the use of Zorah changes students that finds its expression in the subject and extracurricular achievements of the student. The quality of training to GIA. It is at this result should be oriented classes with the use of Zorah.

1. SOLODKY, M. B. Use of information technologies in the process of teaching foreign languages [Text] / M. B. SOLODKY // the Intensification of the educational process in the University and school: methodology, theory, practice : a Sourcebook of educational-methodical conference of teachers and students. Part 1. - Slavyansk-on-Kuban: Publishing center of Semey state pedagogical Institute, 2006. - S. 31-35.

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