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Work programme to prepare for the exam on biology for CBM Sonin, 10-11 class

WORKBOOK TEACHER 13.09.2014 at 08:38

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The Unified state exam is based on the test technology assessment of students ' knowledge. Testing as a new form of examinations increases the experience and involves all participants in the educational process preliminary training$CUT$.

the Teacher should use the testing system of education, as rightly suggests that "it is impossible to teach to swim, if you stay on the shore". Great interest in this key are issued by FIPI collections of thematically grouped test items. These assignments are designed for students of different classes, with their help you can assess the level of mastery of the program material and to develop skill tests are run. Such training to perform the tests help to improve test scores. Knowing the basic design of the job, the learner will not be practically spend your time studying the instructions. During such a training school teachers and repeaters form appropriate "psychological skills" and self-regulation.

the majority of this work it would be desirable to conduct in advance to work out individual moments when passing any tests, practical work and other, i.e., in cases that are not so emotionally strained.

However, this approach is sometimes virtually impossible within the existing programs. Here I offer you made me work programme of the 2nd kind (modified) CMD Sonin for grades 10 and 11 with the use of special practical work, which gives the opportunity to prepare for the exam within a dedicated practical work. The program is accompanied calendar-thematic plan (KTP).

to Download the program and KTP

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