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Study / Secondary education

Angle as a method of punishment

WORKBOOK TEACHER 15.09.2014 at 14:10

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A Lot of arguments in defense of this method of education as an angle. Psychologists have divided opinion about this method. It is believed that active children, limiting their freedom of movement will be a great punishment, which they later will be avoided and feared. Fear means not vrednichat and not behave assume$CUT$.

To the positive arguments also applies loyalty of such a punishment, after all, physical force is not applied, and the impact on the child is.

This method is used by parents for a long time, the old systems of education worked, so there is quite a large percentage of positive parenting by this method.

There are arguments that psychologists use against angle as a method of punishment. First of all, they believe that to put a child's face in the corner - it's cruel. Child limit not only from free movement, and forced to retire in an unpleasant place, turned from the reality that the essence cruel for a child's delicate psyche.

Some children do not understand the meaning of this sentence, they just spend time in the corner, dreaming about her. Teachers and experts believe that children who are often punished angle in childhood, have low self-esteem, prone to causing behavior. Modern pedagogy believe that today's children need to choose a more humane and modern methods of education.

Author: C. M. Lyashko