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"First aid to the child. Cuts and scratches. The bites. Sunburn"

Pedagogy and the World 23.10.2014 at 12:23

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N. He Churov, S. M. Lyashko

Small children are curious and restless. They run, jump, climb trees. And of course to avoid trouble is almost impossible. But every loving mother should know how to behave, if her little Tomboy still hurt.

Cuts and scratches. If your child has a small cut or scrape, it can be cleaned with soap and clean water. Then wrap that wound was clean. Iodine should not be used.

If the cut is deep, you need to consult a doctor. Make sure that the wound was not dirt. When detected, will tell the doctor.

Bites. If the child suffered from the bite of an animal, clean the wound and immediately contact the duty doctor. The animal may be sick with rabies. At the hospital the child will provide expert medical care and get. If a child is bitten by an insect, it is necessary first of all to relieve itch. To do this, and it's good cold compress. And best of all at hand to have a special ointment.

sunburn. To avoid sunburn is much easier than to treat them. You just need to know a few rules of exposure to the sun. If the child is to the sun is not used, it is necessary to gradually increase the time spent in the sun since half an hour. And even better first days to cover the hands and feet. While the head to wear a hat. Use cream and oil for sunburn. At least for a time, but they will protect the skin from sun rays. But if you avoid burn failed, then take a damp cloth, take a bath at room temperature. Also there are drugs in pharmacies, which will relieve pain and redness.