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"Do we need a parent meeting. And why?"

Pedagogy and the World 14.11.2014 at 18:51

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Many parents are interested in successful training and development of the child. However, do not always have the understanding that good results can be achieved only with the active cooperation of parents and school. The above problem in varying degrees, affects many of the modern school.

in this regard, In modern literature serves primarily to change the approach to the organization and carrying out of traditional forms of work with parents, such as parent meetings, because they usually include many important elements of the work (from individual interviews or group discussions).

the Main objective of the new approach is to attract the majority of parents to make decisions in the classroom and the school. The discipline and the academic performance of individual students are not discussed at General meetings. These issues are usually individually, in separate interviews with parents. To do this, in addition to meetings with any teacher provides and open days (weekends), when parents can deal with any teacher and administration. Active participants and even the organizers of the parent meetings in the classroom (of course, together with the class teacher) should become parents themselves.

To study the parent team and assign tasks, it is recommended to the General meeting with the parents of the conference, which will be discussed topical issues of life in the classroom and in the school. Further issues discussed at these meetings should be a topic of discussion at parent meetings on the proposed methods of conduct parents - members of the parent committees. Administration only plans the subject of the meetings for the year, which allows us to solve not only the current but also the strategic objectives of the school with parents. Let's name the main stages of such work in General.

Planning up parent meetings, is in the mode of discussion, which was attended by the representatives of parents, class teachers, and administration. Raises issues relevant to child development in the school and wider context.

conferences with representatives of the parent committees. In the conferences involved the administration of the school, various specialists (psychologists, lawyers and others), teachers, and most importantly, representatives of parents ' committees. Themes of these conferences range from exploring the concept and program of the school to the problems of social and psychological protection of children, their safety. In speeches at the General Assembly reported the actual information, questions for discussion (both school and parents), the main content of the conference is reflected in the printed materials in abstract form, and distributed to parents. Then, depending on the conference program, parents can attend any lessons. The experience of schools operating under this model shows that many parents are interested not only in the lessons involving their children, but also lessons in high school as an indicator of the prospects of development of the children in this school. After visiting lessons, as a rule, are discussed in groups. In addition to the parents in the work of such groups participate administrators, teachers, specialists, and sometimes students themselves. During these discussions, not only produced a joint decision of those or other issues of school life, there is a gradual change of attitudes, implicit coordination education goals, attitudes toward school, many fundamental issues of education and training, development of the child. Then all together again, and the groups are informed about the results of the deliberations, decisions are made. Thus, representatives of parents ' committees classes receive accessible information and training to conduct parent meetings of their classes.

Conducting parent meetings in the classroom. Representatives of parent committees that participated in the conference, now organized and conducted meetings parents, it has implemented one of the principles of student government. Meetings, classes are formed suggestions for topics for the next meetings and class meetings, and information in a summarized form serves as the basis for further work of the administration and parents.

Discussion, clarification and updating plans of work with parents. After each cycle of meetings of the administration, the parent Committee and teachers discuss the results, make suggestions, analyze the data of the questionnaires. This allows you to more accurately identify relevant topics for further discussion, the effectiveness of such work.

during the academic year may be a few (three to five) of the thematic conferences of representatives of the parent community and, accordingly, parent meetings, which are made by the parents with the help and support of classroom teachers and administration.

As shown by the experiences of advanced schools, school conferences and classroom parent meetings not only of interest to the parents and is highly appreciated by them, but it helps to work together to solve important issues of school life.