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Preparation JoomShopping update

JoomShopping Pro 29.11.2014 at 21:00

Component JoomShopping is a free script online shop for Joomla! Professional extension that will allow you to quickly create your online store yourself. Sell any goods, including weight and digital. Huge selection of modules, plug-ins, full Russification and great SEO opportunities!

Online store JoomShopping is a component of Joomla, which has its own update system. What you need to know to transition to the new version passed without errors and unfortunate losses?

Almost every webmaster is making your edits in the template online store JoomShopping. In order to achieve a unique design usually edit the appearance of the categories, products, manufacturers, shopping cart, order form, and so on

About the modification of the "engine" can be read in the article "Why upgrade...". Next we will talk exclusively about how when you update a component JoomShopping not to lose the changes that were made by the webmaster in the template store.

Default Template

This is a default template, which is displayed immediately after a clean install of JoomShopping from the official distribution. This template is ideal for checking correct operation of the additions in the future, not more.

Original JoomShopping template is in the standard installation folder of the component:


Original stylesheet JoomShopping coincides with the name of the template folder


Attention! Edit the contents of these files is not necessary and even pointless, because after each major upgrade JoomShopping they will be overwritten the original versions. All changes in the design of the store will be lost!

Premium Template

If You have purchased a ready paid Joomla template with support for JoomShopping shop, you most likely already made sure that the design of the store was not affected when you update a component JoomShopping. You can verify this in a simple way.

Go on SFTP hosting (always use a secure connection), open the folder


(here are all the templates Joomla)

Locate the folder with the name of Your template (You will have another name)

to Specify the name of Your template in the "Template Manager Joomla - he will be assigned to the default site

Locate the folder


Inside this folder are the files, responsible for rewriting templates JoomShopping component, i.e itself Joomla gives the visitor the templates in this folder, ignoring the original version (Default).

Also in the directory /html/ can be other folders that begin with /mod_jshopping_* override for modules store. If the folders /html/com_jshopping/ Joomla template there (you can create one yourself), you may use the following option.

Custom Template

JoomShopping Component has a built-in control function templates. To enable it, go to "Components - JoomShopping - Setup - Function store. Check the option to Use different templates for specific categories and products" and click "Save".

Now you can create a copy of the original (default) template store. If you have made edits in the Default template component JoomShopping - don't worry, You can "pull" the original version of the distribution store of the same version.


the Joomla Template and the template JoomShopping is a different set of files. Therefore, the update Joomla (within the same family) will not affect Your store. Update Joomla, stay tuned for new versions. Before any upgrade, you should always make a backup of the entire site.

Create your own Custom template for JoomShopping is implemented by copying the Default template and modify to your own needs.

If you are sure that you work with a copy of the template - you can safely move on to the update component JoomShopping. If You need to save the current editing the Default template the next article will be about it.