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Switching to HTTPS is not displayed modules Joomla

JoomShopping Pro 01.12.2014 at 21:00

Component JoomShopping is a free script online shop for Joomla! Professional extension that will allow you to quickly create your online store yourself. Sell any goods, including weight and digital. Huge selection of modules, plug-ins, full Russification and great SEO opportunities!

Bought an SSL certificate, have translated their website into an encrypted connection. In Joomla put the appropriate mode, but the site stopped to see some modules, and only for unauthorized users. What is the reason?

In the Joomla settings in the menu "System - preferences - Server SSL is enabled for the entire site.

I don't immediately noticed that I no longer loaded module "Unite Revolution Slider" for unregistered users. In Firebug's console is visible error:

Blocked loading mixed active content

Also lists the scripts and images related to this module. Opening the source code of the page I found that some of the scripts and styles are loaded relative path without specifying the domain. With them as time errors were observed. The second part was loaded on the full path specifying the Protocol and domain

Snachala began to look at the module code. Realized that the call is using a variable that is based on the Joomla config. Now it is necessary to correct the contents of the file configuration.php that is at the root of the site.

Inside the file, find the

public $live_site = '';

i change to

public $live_site = '';

Etim action we firmly bind the website to work over HTTPS, i.e. using encryption. Modern algorithms of search engines is a very loved and respected.

Attention! If Your website is linked to payment systems or other services with which it communicates - run settings and correct references to reflect the new Protocol https.